David Maurice is my name. I live near San Marcos, TX. I am a chemical engineer, retired from ExxonMobil. My main leisure activity is motorcycling. I have ridden Harleys all my life, and Japanese cycles two-thirds of my life. My newest cycle is a 2007 Yamaha FJR1300AE.

Photography is fun for me; not a business nor an all-consuming passion either. I consider it a means to an display and show and illustrate, and yes, occasionally to flaunt too. I admire and enjoy the work of you super-gifted and dedicated photographers. I also admire the work of a gifted and skilled motorcycle road racer, as well as the handiwork of a skilled woodworking craftsman. I admire and enjoy the work of a skilled pianist. Lorie Line and Richard Clayderman, I adore you both!

I hope to add to the enjoyment of this site for others with some of my photos too.

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